Section 143 of the Road Traffic Act requires every person in charge of a motor vehicle to be insured. Driving without insurance can mean penalty points or disqualification.

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Driving Uninsured Legal Advice

Driving without insurance can commonly occur if there has been a problem with an insurance company or there has been a misunderstanding about the terms of the policy. 

Whatever the reason, Section 143 of the Road Traffic Act requires every person who uses or causes another person to use a motor vehicle on a road to have a policy of insurance in respect of third party risks. If you are caught driving uninsured, the penalty for this offence is 6–8 points and discretionary disqualification.

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With the help and support from our expert road traffic solicitors, it may be possible to significantly reduce the potential penalties for driving uninsured. At Neil Kilcoyne & Co, our solicitors assess all the relevant circumstances when our clients are charged with driving uninsured. We review the insurance policies and put forward special reasons why a penalty should be reduced. 

Instances Where The Penalty Can Be Reduced

There are a few instances where it may be possible for the court to decide that ‘special reasons’ may apply. For example, a situation may arise where a person has been driving with genuine belief that their insurance was in place. Another example could be where a young driver has accepted the inaccurate assertion of their parent that a family car is fully insured. Or, lastly, if someone has been asked to drive at work, and you assume that you are insured by work. These instances can be defended of the charge of driving uninsured. 

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Driving Uninsured Legal Advice

Driving Uninsured Legal Advice