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Wilful Fire Raising

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Wilful fire raising is an offence under Scottish law applicable to deliberately starting fires with intent to cause damage to property. 

The offence is similar to the offence of arson in England and Wales, however there is a difference between the two. Wilful fire raising only covers fires that were started deliberately, however arson includes cases where the fire was not entirely deliberate but made through malicious or reckless behaviour. In Scottish law, if a fire is the result of an act of recklessness, the offence of culpable and reckless conduct applies. 

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If you are suspected or accused of wilful fire raising, please contact Neil Kilcoyne & Co Solicitors as soon as possible. Seeking legal advice at an early stage will increase the prospects of a successful outcome and ensure that we can properly establish your defence from the start and advise on how you ought to plead and the options available to you.

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