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Murder Defence Lawyers

In Scottish law, murder is a crime conducted when a person takes the life of another either with intent to kill or in circumstances where the accused assaults another person with a recklessness whether the other person lives or dies. 

It is a type of crime of violence and if charged, it is in your best interests to contact a murder defence lawyer to have the best chance of avoiding imprisonment. 

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Experienced Murder Defence Lawyers in Glasgow

Neil Kilcoyne Solicitors and Co are experienced murder defence lawyers and have dealt with cases defending people charged with murder, culpable homicide or attempted murder in Scotland. 

These cases can vary from a one on one fight, where tragically a victim dies, to group incidents where all participants are charged as part of a joint enterprise. 

We conduct a thorough analysis of all the evidence and put together a case on your behalf and do everything we can to ensure you don’t spend life behind bars.


Murder Cases 


Being charged with murder, indicates that there was an intention to kill or wicked recklessness to the victim. The law in relation to murder and defences to the charge is very complex and requires detailed scrutiny of the evidences and facts. This is why it is very important to appoint a solicitor who specialises in defences to the charge of murder. 

Culpable Homicide

Culpable homicide in Scottish law covers the killing of human beings in all circumstances, short of murder, where the criminal law attaches a relevant measure of blame to the person who kills. However, it is still a serious charge and specialist legal advice would be required. 

Attempted Murder 

Scottish law criminalises ‘attempted’ murder. Therefore, an accused person cannot escape liability for an attempted crime simply because it failed. When being charged with attempted murder, there is still a wilful or reckless disregard to the life of the potential victim. Our experience solicitors can advise you at all stages from the initial police interview through to trial and appeal if required. 

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If you are facing investigation or have recently been charged with the offence of murder, culpable homicide, or attempted murder, it is crucial that you seek and appoint a legal representation as soon as you can. 

Our specialists at Neil Kilcoyne and Co are available to advise and represent Defendants, and we will always do everything we can to secure the best possible outcome for you. 

We also have experience in other criminal law areas, including knife crime, theft, and assault. Get in touch with us today to discuss your case with an award-winning defence solicitor. 

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