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Family mediation offers you the chance to sit down with your partner, and children, in a safe and comfortable environment

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What is Family Mediation?

Typically, family mediation is used by couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship, and are considering ending it. However, you do not have to be married to attend family mediation – you may be in a relationship or a civil partnership. 

Family mediations sessions may also involve children, as conflicts between couples can often have a detrimental impact on the children. So it’s important they can raise their concerns and express their emotions in a safe space. 

In addition to children attending family mediation sessions, other significant adults may attend, if they are involved or are in some way contributing to the conflict. These may include grandparents, step-parents, siblings or parents. 

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Family Mediation Law in Scotland

Conflict and friction is normal within most family units, and it can arise for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the conflicts are so complex and complicated that you may need some help coming to a fair resolution.

Neil Kilcoyne Solicitors have an abundance of experience in family law, including divorce, separation agreements, and parental rights and responsibilities. We are used to dealing with such matters in a sensitive manner.

We have been trained specially to help in these kinds of situations, and will not take sides or cause unnecessary tension. If you would like to start your family mediation journey with experience lawyers then get in touch with us today.

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Family mediation is an alternative method for resolving issues between couples who are divorcing or separating. Both parties must be willing to put aside their differences and participate fully in the process. A member of our trained mediation team will advise you how to resolve any disagreements.

Family mediation aims to improve communication between both parties and resolve conflict and disagreements on future arrangements. When there are children involved, one of the main concerns will be their welfare, therefore, choosing family mediation means that you are focusing on how to go through the separation with the least amount of disruption to their routine as possible.

Family mediation is very successful in helping resolve family disputes, but sometimes those who use this process find it easy to stick to the agreement made than if something was decided by a third party. If both parties are on board, it is a cheaper route to reaching an agreement, than emotional and expensive legal battles.