Careless driving is an offence under section 3 of the Road Traffic Act with potentially serious consequences.

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Charges of careless driving can occur following a variety of accidents on the road. It doesn’t matter your age or driving experience, you can be charged with careless driving if it is believed that you do not have a reasonable level of care expected as a driver. Our road traffic solicitors in Glasgow can provide you with legal advice if you find yourself charged with careless driving.

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What is Careless Driving?

Careless driving covers a range of driving behaviours including careless manoeuvres, pushing into a traffic queue, lane hogging, or clipping a curb. It also includes driving that results in an accident as well as driving that causes another driver to take action. Due to the varieties of behaviour, the potential penalties for careless driving reflect this – from 3 to 9 penalty points and the option of discretionary disqualification. 

The degree of fault attributable to the driver determines the sentence imposed. Offences of this nature can vary from speeding and minor collisions to major accidents. The prosecution would consider the degree of fault to fall short of dangerous driving.

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Careless driving cases can be brought upon the Sheriff Court and the Justice of the Peace Court in Scotland. However, just because an accident has occurred, does not necessarily mean that someone is guilty of careless driving. If you have been accused of careless driving, get in touch with our motoring solicitors at Neil Kilcoyne & Co, and we can provide expert legal advice for your case. 

We can also help with drink-driving, drunk in charge, and driving uninsured cases.

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