Collaborative divorce is a process in which you and your spouse and your respective collaborative lawyers through a series of structured meetings negotiate a settlement about financial matters and children issues. The collaborative process may involve other professionals such as financial specialists, pension specialists and psychologists. 

The process aims at facilitating communication between both parties without going to court. It places the need of the children first and ensures couples maintain control of the process. Couples with their specialist collaborative lawyers will endeavour to achieve mutually agreed goals and objectives. 

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The collaborative process is the most likely process to provide an outcome that suits all parties. It avoids the uncertainty of a decision imposed by the court. It generally costs less than a litigated court case. It helps protect children from controversy. It aims to establish a healthy and mutually beneficial co-parenting relationship. 

Of course the Collaborative process is not always successful. If the process is unsuccessful then the collaborative lawyer is precluded from taking the matter to court. A new firm of solicitors have to be instructed. It is however far more likely an agreement will be reached amicably.