When parents separate they often have to arrive at difficult decisions concerning their children. Parents often find it nearly impossible to agree with the best way forward for their children. We are aware of these issues and have many years’ experience in assisting parents resolving their disputes in the best possible interests of the children. 

Often the parents cannot agree with whom the children should live with or how often each parent should see the children. A Residence Order refers to whom a child should live with. A contact order specifies the contact a parent without residence has with the child. Also Grandparents also seek these orders in relation to children. The matter can sometimes be resolved through negotiation but often the court has to resolve these matters. 

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We also deal with matters of international child abduction. When a parent takes a child from the jurisdiction to another jurisdiction without the consent of the other parent or court. We seek to get the child returned to Scotland. We deal with situations where one parent wishes to take the child to another country to live. They require the consent of the other parent or order of court in certain circumstances. 

When there is potential one parent will abduct the child from the other parent we can obtain an interdict against removal of the child from that parent at court. When a child has been wrongfully removed from one parent we can seek to obtain an order from court for delivery of that child back to the parent. 

We deal with matters when there is a dispute between parents about the child’s welfare, for example, what school the child should go to. This is known as a specific issue order. When the local authority becomes concerned about the welfare of the child we become involved in children's panel and children's referral proofs at the Sheriff Court.