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Office Locations
Southside office:
345 Victoria Road,
Glasgow, G42 7SA
Tel: 0141 433 2700
Fax: 0141 433 2705

City Centre office:
Waterloo Chambers
19 Waterloo Street
Glasgow, G2 6AY
0141 423 4741

Opening Times:
Mon to Fri (9am to 7pm); Sat (9am to 1pm).
f NB: Appointments can be arranged outside office
hours by prior arrangement.

Lawyers in Glasgow

Glasgow Legal Advice

Welcome to Kilcoyne & Co Solicitors. Here you will find expert legal advice on matters to do with family law, criminal law and personal injury law. Our experienced lawyers are experts in family law and child law as well as matters relating to financial provision for divorce. We are experts in achieving collaborative divorce settlements. Our Criminal lawyers deal with a wide range of crimes from complex frauds and murders in the High court to road traffic offences in the Justice of the Peace Court.

Based in Glasgow city centre and Glasgow Southside, we are results orientated, delivering what we promise when we promise it. Our Glasgow solicitors work hard on your behalf with the aim of achieving the legal outcome you seek. When you bring your legal issue to Kilcoyne & Co, you are in very safe hands, as we pride ourselves on outstanding client care.

We understand that everyone's circumstances are different, so we will tailor the legal advice we give you to fit your individual needs then pursue the right course of action. We will advise you of your options and recommend the approach that we believe is best suited to your needs. Our friendly, down-to-earth solicitors will explain exactly what legal work is required from the start, let you know your prospects for a successful outcome and reveal whether or not you would qualify for legal aid and if not, state exactly how much it will cost if fees are to be due. At Kilcoyne & Co, we will always try to achieve the best outcome for you. There is no cost and no obligation to find out how we can help. Anything you choose to inform us of is treated in the strictest confidence.

For a free telephone consultation, please call us on: 0141 433 2700.

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